If you have a jewlery making project needing brass chain we have an excellent group of closeout brass chains and end caps.  Chains include serpetine, snake, stamped, mesh, Figaro, double link, cable, bar and more.

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 Bead Chain Dot And Dash<br>2.1mm<br>60 Feet For
 Bead Chain Oval<br>3mm x 6mm<br>50 Feet For
 Steel Scroll Chain<br>20 Feet For
Bead Chain Brass Nugget<br>3mm<br>50 Feet For
Bead Chain Diamond Cut Brass<br>1mm<br>50 Feet For
Brass Boston-Link Chain<br>2.2mm diameter<br>1 spool (656 feet) for
Brass Boston-Link Chain<br>3mm diameter<br>1 spool(328 feet) for
Brass Cable and Bar Chain<br>328 feet for
Brass Cable Chain<br>1 spool (220 feet) for
Brass Chadbelly Chain<br>2mm wide<br>1 spool (328 feet) for
Brass Chadbelly Style Chain<br>2mm wide<br>1,000 feet for
Brass Chadbelly<br>Chain<br>2.75mm wide<br>1 spool(328 feet) for
Brass Cobra Chain<br>1,000 feet<br>for
Brass curb chain<br>1,000 feet for
Brass Curb chain<br>25 feet for
Brass Curb Chain<br>25 Feet For
Brass Curb Chain<br>32 Feet For
Brass Diamond-Cut Serpentine Chain<br>1 spool (164 feet) for
Brass Dot And Dash Bead Chain<br>2.1mm<br>50 Feet For
Brass Double-Link Curb Chain<br>32 feet for
Brass Double-Link Curb Chain<br>50 feet for
Brass End Caps<br>For 3mm cord<br>1 Gross For
Brass French-Rope Chain<br>3/16-inch thick<br>38 feet for
Brass Mesh Chain<br>13mm Wide mesh<br>60 feet for
Brass Mesh Chain<br>16mm wide<br>65 feet for
Brass Mesh Chain<br>18mm Wide<br>65 feet for
Brass Mesh Chain<br>3.5mm Round<br>164 feet for
Brass Rolo Chain<br>82 Feet For
Brass Rope Chain<br>1 spool (66 feet) for
Brass Rope Chain<br>1,000 feet for
Brass Rope Chain<br>Textured and smooth links<br>50 feet for
Brass Snake Chain<br> flattened<br>300 feet for
Brass Snake Chain<br>1.5mm  Round<br>164 Feet For
Brass Snake Chain<br>1.5mm Square<br>164 Feet For
Brass Snake Chain<br>1.9mm Round<br>100 Feet For
Brass Snake Chain<br>2.5 x 2mm Rectangle<br>82 Feet For
Brass Snake Chain<br>3.1 x 2.8mm Rectangle<br>82 Feet For
Brass Snake Chain<br>half round<br>82 feet (25 meters) for
Brass Snake Chain<br>oval shape<br>75 feet for
Brass Stamped Chain<br>300 feet for
Brass Tube Chain<br>100 feet
Brick Chain<br>13mm<br>25 Feet For
Double Link Brass Chain<br>12 Feet For
Extra Fine Brass Cable Chain<br>328 Feet (100 meters) For
Fine Mesh Brass Chain<br>16mm<br>82 Feet For
Mesh chain & Ribbon Crimp End<br>1 gross for
Mesh chain end cap<br>for 9.7 mm oval chain<br>1 gross for
Snake Chain End-Cap<br>for 2.45 x 1.95mm Snake Chain<br>1 Gross for
Snake Chain End-Cap<br>for 2.5 x 2mm Snake Chain<br>1 Gross for
Square Box Chain<br>3mm<br>50 Feet For
Twisted Snake Chain<br>4mm<br>50 Feet For