Gemstone and Natural

Good selection of closeout gemstone and natural pendants.  Closeout pendants include genuine nephrite jade, abalone, agate, aventurine, black horn and many more.  Always at below wholesale pricing.

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18 MM Genuine Nephrite Jade Pendant.<br> 24 pcs. for
Abalone disc. <br> 2 dozen for
Assorted Cowrie Shells<br>With 1 Hole<br>1 Pound For.
Aventurine Briolet Pendant<br> 40 x 30mm<br>6 pieces for
Black Horn 2 loop Beads<br>10mm x 10mm<br>100 For
Black Horn 2 loop Beads<br>Available in 12mm and 15mm<br>100 Pieces For
Price varies based on options.
Black Horn Pendant<br>1 dozen for
Black Horn Pendant<br>1 Dozen For
Black horn<br>1 dozen for
Bone Horn<br>1 Dozen For
Bone leaf pendant. <br> 1 dozen for
Carved Mother Of Pearl Cabochons<br>14mm x 7mm<br>72 Pieces For
Cherry Quartz<br>2 strands (20 pieces) for
Double Side Pendant Drops<br>Available In 5 Colors<br>6 Pieces For
Dyed Sea Shell Assortment<br>36 Pieces For
Fiber optic pendants<br>1 dozen for
$18.00 $12.00
Garnet Pendant<br> 1 Dozen For
Genuine Amethyst Quartz<br>wire wrapped pendants<br>1 pound for
Genuine Shell Cameo<br>25mm x 18mm<br>1 For
Genuine Shell Cameo<br>30mm x 22mm<br>1 For
Hematite Italian Horn<br>1 For
Jade Pendant<br>3 Pieces For
Jade Pendants<br>1 Dozen for
Lapis Drop<br>13mm<br>4 Pieces For
Large Mother Of Pearl Pendant<br>1 For
Mother Of Pearl Discs<br>19mm<br>100 Pieces For
Mother Of Pearl Drop<br>10mm<br>24 Pieces For
Mother Of Pearl Drop<br>6 mm<br>50 Pieces For
Mother Of Pearl Drop<br>8 mm<br>24 Pieces For
Mother of Pearl Heart Pendant. <br>3 dozen for
Mother of pearl pendant. <br>1 dozen for
Mother of pearl pendant. <br>20 pieces for
Mother of Pearl Puffed Heart  pendant. <br>2 dozen for
Mother Of Pearl<br>Puff heart<br> pendant<br>48 Pieces For
Mother Pearl Drops<br>20 Pieces For
Mother Pearl Drops<br>24 Pieces For
Onyx And Rhinestone Drop<br>8mm<br>1 Dozen For
Onyx Pendant<br>30mm x 22mm<br>2 For
Onyx Pendant<br>35m x 45mm<br>2 For
Onyx With Diamond<br>14 x 10mm<br>4 For
Rose Quartz Pendant<br>45 x 57mm<br>2 For
Small Sea Shell Lot<br>1 Pound For
Smokey Quartz Pendant<br>45mm x 35mm<br>1 For
Tiger Eye Pendant<br>3 Pieces For
Wood Drops<br>100 For
Wood Inlaid Pendant<br>2 Dozen For